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I started Books&Shit (Booksandshit) about 6 months after graduating from undergrad in 2016. After spending half a year enjoying that transition period between school and adulthood, with my big girl job, in a brand new city, I quickly realized how much I missed leisurely reading and casual learning (that didn't include googling and watching youtube videos on excel functions). 

When I was in 12th grade I "read" Invisible Man in my honors english class and I always remembered feeling like I missed something. I chopped it up to me being a graduating senior who wasn't exactly prioritizing discussing the impact of racial identity on marxism. So I told myself I would try again later. (and I kept the book from my class to hold myself accountable 🌚-- shoutout to va public schools!)

In late Dec of 2016, I told a friend that I was planning to read Invisible Man and she suggested that we start a book club. One IG post later (like how all great movements begin), Books&Shit was born! 

My favorite thing about running this book club is that it's so flexible. I've had people join for just one month and others who've been involved since it first began. People bounce when life gets too busy, and then they actually come back later when they have time (commitment is wild!). It's become an online community where people I both do and don't know personally often engage and respond to content about the books we're reading. So not everyone needs to join the meetings to be "in the club". My second favorite thing about running this book club is all the people I've met and genuine friends I've made. I really didn't have ANY expectations for how this whole thing would work out, but figuring it out as I go hasn't failed yet. It turns out people really really like reading. To see all the cool book club content I've curated, or for more info about the club follow/DM @bookssandshit on IG.